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It is up to us - the artists, administrators and audience members - to explain the value of the performing arts to public policy makers. It is commonplace to hear from elected officials or their staffs how wonderful the arts are. The challenge for us is turning that support into genuine understanding and commitment. Advocacy is about educating and informing elected officials, the public, and the media about the importance of the performing arts.

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Advocacy Reports:

Advocacy Report: July 2014

Advocacy Report: May 2014

Advocacy Report: February 2014

Appropriations Update: January 2014

Advocacy Report: January 2014

Advocacy Report: August 2013


Advocacy Updates:

IRA Rollover Victory in the House (July 2014)

Senate Confirms Dr. Jane Chu as NEA Chair (June 2014) 

FY15 Budget Update: March 2014

PAA's Chair on Dr. Jane Chu's NEA Nomination: February 2014

Arts Education Update: July 2013


Action Alerts:

Reinstate & Extend the IRA Charitable Rollover (July 2014)

House Threatening $8 million cut to NEA in FY15 (July 2014)

Arts Advocacy Day 2014: Speak Up for the Arts! (March 2014)

Urge Congress to Protect Air Travel for Musicians (February 2014)


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