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May 2015 Advocacy Report

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Hot off the presses: the PAA May 2015 Advocacy Report is here! Read on for updates about appropriations season, NEA grants, Congressional recess, and more!


PAA Travels to Austin

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On Thursday, April 16, PAA held its Arts and Advocacy Community Conversation at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin, TX. The event was sponsored in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division and co-hosted by PAA member organizations, Ballet Austin and National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures.

Over 75 members of the Austin and San Antonio performing arts communities participated in roundtable discussions on arts funding; audience development and community engagement; local casemaking and advocacy; diversity, inclusion, and equity; and artist resources. During the discussions, participants shared stories, ideas, and experiences about:

  • involvement in local, state, and federal arts advocacy
  • risk taking in art making
  • public support for the arts including Austin’s Hotel Occupancy Tax
  • marketing art to a diverse millennial population
  • building relationships with local elected officials
  • the impact of Austin’s population boom on artists’ resources
  • network-building among arts organizations

PAA thanks all who were able to join us and those who helped make this event possible. We look forward to future opportunities to learn from performing artists and arts organizations of other communities about the roles they’re playing in their communities and the issues impacting their work.


The 114th Congress: A New Capitol Hill for the Arts

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I Voted! by Vox Efx, Flickr Creative Commons


The results of the 2014 mid-term elections—Republican control of the Senate, fewer Democratic seats the House—will bring new faces to Capitol Hill and to some of your districts and states.

With new policymakers headed into office, this is an opportune moment to educate them about the role and value of the arts in America. As soon as possible, make your voice heard and tell your lawmakers how your arts organization is making an impact where you live.

PAA looks forward to building relationships on Capitol Hill with new members of the 114th Congress, and we have tools and information to help arts advocates and organizations do the same with their new leaders.


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